There is a need to have a multifaceted approach to fuel Instagram growth for beginners. It is not easy to amass a following. Those who have some popularity in the real world would have an edge, but that too is not a guaranteeing factor to increase the number of followers exponentially. Instagram is a rather unique place. There are users who have plenty of followers on the platform but they have very little presence on other social networks. Indeed, Instagram is neither Facebook nor Twitter. Hence, the approach to boost Instagram growth for beginners must be different from the strategies devised for other social media platforms, including the likes of YouTube.

Spread the Word about your Profile

This is the basic step one must take in the initial days. There are more than one billion monthly users of the platform. More than five hundred million people use Instagram Stories every day. There are a few celebrities with over a hundred million followers. There are hundreds of profiles with tens of millions of followers. It is no secret that Instagram is a phenomenally busy platform. Getting noticed on the site may seem to be easy, but that is not the reality. It is extremely hard to get noticed, and harder to amass a substantial following.

Spreading the word around, among friends and social circles, across multiple social networks and media platforms, is the first step to make one’s presence felt. Beginners without much following in the real world must be able to generate traction with their profile and the contents they post. One can opt for a boost to Instagram growth for beginners by buying a few followers, likes and comments, by securing shoutouts and using the power of influencers. Such measures can create a stir and have a ripple effect on the following. Then, a user must keep working on their engagement and interaction to sustain the growth of followers.

Develop a Niche, Harness your Expertise

There is one common mistake most beginners make during their first few months on Instagram. These beginners try to emulate what others have already done. For instance, celebrities are famously and infamously known to generate buzz by sharing snippets of their personal lives. While much of what they do is related to fashion, health and lifestyle, there are many celebrities who have now started championing noble causes and sharing valuable information for their following.

Doing what celebrities have done, and other users have perfected over the years, is not going to augur well for beginners. Users do not need to follow yet another profile to get their daily dose of tips and inspirations for fashion, health and lifestyle. There is a space for authentic voices. Hence, beginners should develop a niche. Harness your expertise and you will find a following. This expertise could be anything, as long as it offers some value to the followers.

Assess what Resonates with your Followers

A platform that has over a billion users is by no stretch of imagination a homogenous medium. There are all kinds of people with varied preferences and purposes on Instagram. While the platform has sufficient diversity, the following of specific users is not necessarily heterogeneous. Since a profile tends to have a certain sustained sensibility and the posts are of a particular nature, followers with shared interests tend to form the majority of the following. Hence, for optimum Instagram growth for beginners, one has to assess what resonates with their followers.

When you realize that certain types of posts and information are drawing more interest, you would have more contents to offer and this will lead to greater engagement. The followers on Instagram are consumers of information through different formats of media. The only way to get more followers is to keep offering them the kind of information they want.

Engage and Interact to Boost Instagram Growth for Beginners

Nothing is a substitute for interesting engagement and interaction. Followers want to be heard, they like being valued ; appreciated, and they need to be rewarded. Timely engagement, real time interaction, acknowledging the followers and their participation, and other kinds of rewards go a long way to not only boost Instagram growth for beginners, but also to sustain the increasing following.

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