How To Grow An Instagram Audience

How To Grow An Instagram Audience

How To Grow An Instagram Audience

The first objective of every Instagram user is to establish a substantial following. This is at the crux of how to grow an Instagram audience. However, there is an important distinction between followers or following and audience. Not every follower is going to actively check out all posts. Many followers are also largely dormant. Some of these may not log in for days, in a few cases weeks. Then there are many followers who check out posts but do not engage with them, such as liking, commenting and sharing. Instagram audience is an active set of followers, those who are actually around and interacting with a particular profile they follow.

How to grow an Instagram audience is not the same as increasing the count of followers. There are many profiles that have thousands of followers but their posts rarely generate a hundred likes, and even fewer comments. If an Instagram user has to become an influencer, then one has to cultivate an audience, a large chunk of the followers that would be active and shall interact with the handle from time to time. Here is a useful guide about how to grow an Instagram audience.

Improve Engagement, Both in Real Time and Deferred

The nature of social media has changed in the last fifteen years. The manner of assessing the influence of a user has also undergone a tectonic shift. While the count of followers is certainly important, it is not the only indicator of the potential of an influencer. Engagement is the key. The impressions of a post, how far it reaches and across which platforms, the likes and comments generated, the shares and if there is a conversation triggered by the content are some of the quintessential parameters used by experts these days.

A user has to improve engagement to grow an Instagram audience. If the followers do not have any urgency or feel the need to engage and interact with a profile, then there is virtually no correspondence at all. Engagement is of two types. One is in real time. This is facilitated through Instagram Live. This is a feature of Instagram Stories. Both live and stories can boost real time engagement, and thus cultivate an active audience. The other is deferred engagement, such as likes, comments and shares. These interactions may happen soon after something is posted, but the engagement is still deferred in time. Both these types of engagements must be worked on to grow an Instagram audience.

Unique Contents and Credible Branding

Nothing trumps good content. Whether it is an image or a thoughtful post, a shoutout or an outright sales pitch, all contents should be credible and they must stand out in some way or the other. There is so much happening on Instagram, not dissimilar to what occurs on other social media platforms; that an ordinary user can easily get lost in all the noise. There are far too many distractions and it is absolutely essential to make your content shine in the cacophony.

There are ways to position an image that captures immediate attention, there are meticulously crafted captions to trigger the imagination of the followers, clever use of hash tags and other tactics to make posts stand out from much of the other contents available on the site. At the end of the day, a user has to carve out a niche and offer a rewarding as well as valuable experience to their followers. Only then would the followers become an active audience.

Tap into Trends and Mass Sensibilities

Carving out a niche does not mean excluding a large section of the followers or users of Instagram. A niche is basically an area of expertise or specialization. Within the scope of this expertise or specialization of a user, there are trends and mass sensibilities, popular issues and also problems that need addressing. It is imperative for a user to tap into trends and cater to mass sensibilities if one has to cultivate an audience on Instagram.

Followers look forward to interesting engagements. They do not always know what kinds of content would appeal to them and be satiating, but they will appreciate posts that are relatable and helpful, interesting and valuable.

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