Every Instagram user shall experience periods of growth and lulls. This cycle continues till a point of saturation. Depending on the relevance and potential outreach of a user, the saturation could be a million followers, or ten million. The most celebrated personalities usually clock over fifty million followers before the growth plateaus. The same is true for brands.

As is the case for other social networks and media platforms, Instagram users vie for growth and hence more followers. There are many ways to grow your Instagram following. In here, we discuss three effective ways to expand your outreach and increase your following.

How to grow your Instagram with Content


People follow certain users on Instagram for a particular reason. Celebrities are followed because they are role models in some form or the other. Anyone with a substantial fandom in the real world would get a head start, and shall amass a significant following in almost no time. Those who do not have much fandom in reality, and this includes businesses trying to gain a larger foothold in their industries, would struggle initially and it takes a lot of planning and effort to gain momentum on a site like Instagram.

Beyond celebrities, users have to rely on content to win fans. Even celebrities have to keep their fans engaged and satiated with new posts, which are mostly sneak peeks into their lives. Non-celebrity users should carve out a niche. This niche could be anything, from health and fitness to nutrition and diet, sports or movies to entertainment in general. The audience on Instagram has a diverse appetite for consuming information, especially when presented in a pleasant manner with pictures and videos, captions and hash tags.

The trick is to find the right niche. Some users tend to post about anything and everything under the sun. This does not augur well in every scenario. Ordinary users of Instagram want to follow experts, those who know what they are posting about. This is also true for other social media sites such as Twitter. Users follow a certain profile because they want to stay updated about their new posts. There should be this quest among the users and their curiosity will fuel their urge to follow a profile.

Determine the type of content you are going to specialize in, and be consistent with new posts. A frequently active profile generates much better growth than those indulging in sporadic posts. Also, the following should not be given mixed or perplexing signals. A profile must pull a few surprises but never shock the following to an extent that their entire reason to follow the handle gets negated.

How to grow your Instagram with Shoutouts


Shoutouts are basically endorsements, or plugs. When one user mentions another and effectively promotes that profile, it is called a shoutout. This type of endorsement may be for another user or a brand. Shoutouts have become very common on Instagram in recent times. They are impactful and bring about the necessary exposure required for a profile or brand.

Companies are using shoutouts to reach out to a larger audience. There is no reason why users cannot do the same to expand their following. Celebrities routinely indulge in shoutouts, not only to promote brands or their products and services, but also to help their dear ones and friends get some exposure. Shoutouts are a contemporary version of referral, or word of mouth publicity. Companies and individuals can now buy Instagram shoutouts.

How to grow your Instagram with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a few years now. It has become more formidable and effective. While many have been skeptical about the efficacy and return on investment for influencer marketing, it is now evident that the practice is here to stay. The return on investment has become measurable, and hence the marketing tactic has become completely reasonable.

Influencer marketing is basically using a popular profile to promote a brand or another user, resulting in exposure to and engagement with their massive following. All renowned celebrities are influencers. However, it is not just those with millions of followers who can influence. There are influencers with tens of thousands of followers as well. It is relatively easy to grow your Instagram with influencer marketing, shoutouts and, of course, content.

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