Over the last five years Instagram Growth has evolved from a fun little photo application to share pictures with your friends, family, and complete and total strangers into one of the most – if not THE most – popular social media platform on the planet.

With literally billions of people visiting Instagram each and every month there is a flood of traffic on this platform that you as a savvy business owner, entrepreneur, and marketers just can’t afford to miss out on.

At the same time, because Instagram is first and foremost a social platform – the operative word being social – overt marketing and advertising campaigns are never as well received as influencer marketing campaigns are.

This is why we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Instagram growth with influencer marketing over that same five years stretch of time and why most smart and strategic entrepreneurs advertising on social media are pumping more and more money into influencer campaigns.

Below we highlight a couple of steps, some tips and tricks, and some key strategies you’ll want to know as a marketer to enjoy the most Instagram growth with influencer marketing possible.

Let’s dive right in!


Instagram Growth is Explosive

As highlighted above, Instagram has become one of the most dominant social media platforms on the planet.

In 2018 it cracked the 1 billion monthly active users figure, shortly after that topped 2 billion monthly active users, and continues to grow each and every day. We’re looking at more than 4.2 billion “likes” daily on Instagram right now (middle 2020) and most expect that to grow to double that amount by this time next year.

To put it bluntly, anytime there are more than two billion people checking out one platform online you absolutely MUST marketing and advertising on that platform – or you’re going to get your clock cleaned by competitors that are taking advantage of this raw flood of traffic.

What most exciting about Instagram marketing, though, is that it has proven time and time again to provide a skyhigh earned media value for every dollar spent on campaigns.

According to the folks at Neo Research, every dollar spent on influencer marketing on Instagram alone returned more than $5.20 in earned media value. You’re just not going to get that kind of ROI anywhere else right now, and you’re not going to get that kind of exposure anywhere else, either.

On top of that, the demand for Instagram growth with influencer marketing has never been as high as it is right now, either. Searches for “influencer marketing” on Google alone have grown by 1500% over the last, with business owners waking up to the power, the leverage, and the profitability of smart Instagram influencer campaigns.

Combine all of that with a platform that provides seven times the engagement of Twitter, for example, and the potential for you to transform your business and your financial future with Instagram influencer marketing becomes a no-brainer to pursue.


Strategies for Influencer Campaign Success

All that being said, if you don’t know how to make the most of Instagram growth with influencer marketing on the platform you aren’t going to be able to enjoy any of that leverage or any of that potential.

You need to be smart, you need to be strategic, and you need to be savvy about how you set up influencer campaigns – and that’s what this chunk of our guide focuses on.


What Kinds of Influencers?

Right out of the gate you need to figure out what kinds of influencers you want to work with and what kinds of influencers are going to provide you the best return on your investment.

There are three major types of influencers out there right now – micro influencers, macro influencers, and mega influencers – and all three can change your financial future with Instagram if you use them intelligently.

Micro influencers usually have less than 100,000 followers or so but are incredibly popular and seen as industry or niche experts. They have passionate and dedicated followings that have allowed them to get close to the 100,000 follower count, obviously have a voice that people respect and gravitate to, and also have plenty of reach that you’ll be able to capitalize on without having to spend a mountain of money on campaigns with them.

Macro Influencers have anywhere between 100,000 followers and a million followers or so, are borderline “name celebrities” and can provide you with a big bump in visibility. These are usually micro influencers that have continue to grow their base, and many of them are “full-time influencers” now – but can cost a pretty penny.

Mega influencers are those that have more than a million followers already, are almost always “name celebrities” and public figures, and will cost an arm and a leg when you want to run campaigns with them. They can be difficult to contact, difficult to schedule, and are frequently in high demand – but these kinds of campaigns (when done correctly) can change your business like maybe nothing else in the world of social media.


Reaching Out to Influencers

After choosing the influencer that you want to work with (finding someone with a following of ideal prospects and perfect clients that you want to reach out to), you actually have to get in touch with the influencers – and that can be a bit of a challenge, too.

Requesting an expert interview with them, pitching them an offer that has obvious benefits for them, and sharing their content on a regular basis while dropping direct messages every now and again can all be creative ways to get a hold of influencers that you want to work with.


Test, Track, Optimize EVERYTHING

When you start to run your campaigns, though, you need to make sure that you are testing, tracking, and optimizing absolute everything about the campaign – taking full responsibility for its success or failure and doing everything you can to not rely on the influencer to do anything other than execute the campaign you have put forward.

Far too many entrepreneurs sort of turn over the reins of their Instagram marketing to the influencers that they are working with, oftentimes operating under the impression that these influencers know how to implement things better than you might.

But you have to recognize that this is your business, your marketing, and your campaign and you need to be in the driver seat – and that you are leveraging the credibility and authority that the influencer has built up but it needs to be done in a way that builds and grows your business first and foremost.


Keep that in mind as you build out these influencer campaigns and you’ll be able to enjoy a tremendous amount of success on Instagram.

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