Instagram Sponsorship Importance

Instagram Sponsorships

Instagram Sponsorship Importance

The Growing Importance of Instagram Sponsorships

Instagram sponsorships are an integral part of influencer marketing. Irrespective of the advertising and marketing budget, and the different mediums you might explore, it is imperative to consider Instagram sponsorships. Its importance has only grown in recent years. Here are some of the realities that reflect the undisputed efficacy and essentiality of influencer marketing.

  • Instagram is different from Twitter. The latter draws more professionals. Instagram is more popular among teenagers. Professionals and experts in different industries are less likely to be influenced by a celebrity. Teenagers and youth in general, especially the millennial generation, are influenced by the people they follow. The association is mutually rewarding. Influencers derive their strength from the followers. The followers rely on the influencer to shape their choices. Many teenagers have said in surveys that some of the influencers whom they follow understand them better than their classmates or friends. This is a stunning finding. It is easy to imagine why influencer marketing has become so necessary, and why global spending on this practice has already surpassed that of print advertising.

  • While seven out of every ten teenagers trust the influencers they follow and not conventional celebrities, more than eight out of every ten women using social media rely on influencers for advice prior to a purchase. In other words, if the target audience of a company is primarily women, or young people, then influencer marketing such as Instagram sponsorships is much more effective than traditional advertising, or even celebrity endorsements. Branding through pop culture celebrities is still relevant and shall be for the foreseeable future, but their retainers are anyway unaffordable for small to medium businesses.

  • The return on investment for influencer marketing campaigns such as Instagram sponsorships is much greater than that of traditional marketing campaigns. Tomson did a study that revealed an average return on investment of more than six dollars for every dollar spent. This is limited to influencer marketing, and excludes online advertisement and other forms of sponsorships. Instagram sponsorships are not the same as sponsored trends on Twitter. The latter generates very little traction, especially when there is no follow-up paid posting spree to sustain that trend to transform it into an organic one. Then again, Twitter is less conducive for branding and marketing than Instagram.

  • One of the major benefits of influencer marketing such as Instagram sponsorships is acquisition. While many other types of marketing campaigns tend to generate some exposure and can lead to considerable engagement, there is little impact on the eventual acquisition, or sales. Instagram sponsorships, and influencer marketing in general, have a much greater effect on eventual customer acquisition. The net effect on online sales makes the reasonable investment all the more rewarding.

  • Products and services that are aimed at consumers for personal use are the easiest to sell through Instagram sponsorships. Experiential products and services, those that have a very subjective assessment for consumers, can be effectively promoted through influencers who are essentially sharing their own experience of using what they are plugging.

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