Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Influencer marketing is the twenty-first century version of brand endorsement. There are of course a few differences, but the crux is the same. Brand endorsements by celebrities are aimed at target audiences to establish credibility, for greater exposure, and to increase sales. Influencer marketing is companies roping in celebrities and those with a substantial following on various platforms to basically pitch their products, or services. Many companies wonder if influencer marketing is as effective as traditional forms of advertising. Let us highlight a few instances wherein influencer marketing has been truly effective.

Influencer Marketing Success Stories

Nike wanted to create a sufficient buzz online for their then upcoming Air Vapormax range. The company is one of the largest and among the most trusted brands in the world. It also has a phenomenal presence across mass media, from newspapers and magazines to television and billboards. They also have several renowned celebrities endorsing their products, and actually using them in real life. Yet, the company enrolled the services of a YouTube channel called ‘What’s Inside?’ The channel has over six million subscribers. It featured the Air Vapormax range and generated a lot of traction. The video of the father-son duo dissecting the footwear down to its basic components garnered millions of views and tens of thousands of likes.

Another popular brand, Subaru has been using influencer marketing for almost a decade now. Its campaign called ‘Meet an Owner’ has been successful at generating a lot of buzz and also creating brand awareness. Subaru works with dozens of influencers on multiple platforms. The company has also been quite effective at generating unique contents. Every influencer has their distinct fandom, and that element must be kept in mind while developing the messaging. One video of Zack King featuring a Subaru car to woo his date generated over eight million views.

Youfoodz teamed up with influencers on Instagram to promote fitness and health, while plugging their latest winter menu. More than eighty influencers were brought on board to highlight how healthy the menu is. These influencers have a penchant and also a certain degree of expertise in health, fitness and diet. More than a hundred and fifty pieces of content were created by these influencers. Additionally, nearly two hundred stories were shared on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing is the Present and the Foreseeable Future

There are many such successful campaigns deployed by the likes of Pottery Barn, Gerber Lil’ Beanies, Maybelline, Society6, and GoodFoods, among others. The first half of 2020 has witnessed some stagnancy in influencer marketing, owing to the pandemic. The second half is expected to witness an upswing, not just a reversion to the levels of spending in the same two quarters in 2019.

Companies have been investing more money on influencer marketing. Those who craft relevant and unique messages for their target audiences through the influencers often witness better traction than their advertisements and marketing campaigns through traditional media. Given the omnipresence of ecommerce, influencer marketing is not just about generating more traction but actually redirecting potential buyers to the online store and closing a sale.

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