July 2020

Instagram Shoutouts are Effective

The Best Ways To Buy Instagram Shoutouts

The Best Ways To Buy Instagram Shoutouts Instagram shoutouts are effective. They are considerably more affordable than traditional commercials and sponsored trends. Since influencer marketing is no longer confined to pop culture celebrities, the investment to sign up a few widely followed people in different niches is viable for small to...

June 2020

Instagram Sponsorships

Instagram Sponsorship Importance

The Growing Importance of Instagram Sponsorships Instagram sponsorships are an integral part of influencer marketing. Irrespective of the advertising and marketing budget, and the different mediums you might explore, it is imperative to consider Instagram sponsorships. Its importance has only grown in recent years. Here are some of the realities...

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective? Influencer marketing is the twenty-first century version of brand endorsement. There are of course a few differences, but the crux is the same. Brand endorsements by celebrities are aimed at target audiences to establish credibility, for greater exposure, and to increase sales. Influencer marketing is companies...

October 2019