What is a Shoutout?

what is a shoutout

What is a Shoutout?

Is a Shoutout Good for Promoting Brands and Increasing Online Traffic and Social Media Followers?

A shoutout is when a user promotes (or highlights) another user (or company product) on their own social media account. It can be free, sponsored, or paid.

Are shoutouts good for promoting brands and increasing online traffic and social media followers? Yes. In fact, it’s a classic influencer marketing tactic that’s effective in endorsing products and generating sales, traffic, and followers.

Here we discuss more how to use a shoutout and how effective it is as an influencer marketing strategy.

Screenshot, Video, and Post Shoutouts

You can promote or give props to another user (or products) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube using screenshots, videos, tags, retweets, and post shares. Make sure to mention the exact username. You can use the @username tag to give your followers a direct link.

This strategy helps build connections for you. Share what you love about another user or product and they’re likely to pay it back by thanking and highlighting you.


You can also initiate partnerships, to begin with. Make arrangements with users and companies on co-promoting both your brands, pages, or social media accounts.

Take advantage of your personal connections. Let your reach grow from there. Promote and encourage support from them. Create posts, videos, and contests that your circle can share with others.

This strategy makes it easy for your current followers to promote you to others. When you have good and useful content, people will want to hear about it. Creating tutorials, product reviews, experience and guides increase your chances of getting tags, shares, and shoutouts.

Paid Service

There are legit paid services you can hire. These companies have a wide reach of audiences, companies, and endorsers.

This influencer marketing strategy can effectively connect you with the right accounts. They can recommend specific endorsers that fit your product or brand. Verify a company before hiring. Check that they will provide real engagement with people and functioning social media user accounts.

Shoutout for Shoutout groups

These groups offer a cost-free way to get shoutouts from other users. Just be careful. Some of them have automated bots, not real people. So join legit groups that provide user engagements. That way, your content gets shared. And you increase your chances of getting more tags.

Regular, updated content

Providing relevant, updated, and regular content is essential. This keeps your account active and interesting. People are likely to check out and share new and interesting content. Updated content also keeps you in the feeds more often.

Active engagement

Finally, actively engaging with other user accounts and brands increases your chances of getting a shoutout. When you comment on other pages and posts, you advertise yourself. You put yourself out there for people to see and check out.

It’s a great way to make new connections and promote your account and brand at the same time.

Getting recommended and spotlighted by other users, stars, and companies is a great way of increasing exposure and sales. Try the suggestions above and don’t forget to give a shoutout yourself. You might just get one back.

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