How To Use Shoutout Experts and Have Successful Campaigns

Work with authentic and verified influencers. Read below to Start your Campaigns!

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    Find Influencers

    Browse our entire Influencer List here at Shoutout Experts and determine which Influencer fits your specific audience/niche. You can choose by category, audience size, follower demographics or simply search by keyword.

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    Add to Cart

    After browsing our Influencer list, start creating your campaign by adding them to your cart. If your goal is conversions/sales then we recommend trying out multiple influencers within 1 campaign. (Results determined by sheduled campaign dates.)

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    Create an Order

    Creating an order involves many oppurtunities to help get your message spread. Include an image as well as a description and use up to 15 hashtags! (The Influencer will post whatever you want for their audience to see.) Try to use content their audience would like.

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    Schedule and Pay

    Pick your preferred time of shoutout, and pay for the order. If using multiple influencers, try not to schedule the shoutouts on the same day. This way it is easy to determine which Influencer performed best! (Then you can involve them multiple times within your marketing strategy!

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    Receive Exposure

    The most exciting part. Watch the magic happen! The Influencer will automatically pick up your campaign and create the post with your content! Always remember, if you want a Shoutout the RIGHT way, use


Here are Some Influencer Categories